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Kansas Humbles Horns In Blowout

It was over almost as soon as it began.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

I thought this one set up nicely for us, and in all fairness, even the Kansas fans saw it the same way: classic letdown game situation for the Jayhawks, while Texas was motivated and on a roll.

That's the danger of betting on contextual -- rather than fundamental -- elements.  Kansas was dialed in from the opening tip, it was Texas that looked shellshocked, and the Jayhawks promptly spanked our asses.  With a belt.  Using the metal clasp.  Which was made of barbed wire.


Honestly, we were playing with house money to a large extent, and though we missed out on the upside, the 86-56 loss won't cost us anything and may well prove a beneficial experience.  We're one game away from Win Or Go Home season, and if you're going to get caught with your pants down, you'd rather it be now against Kansas than three weeks from now as you watch a No. 13 seed dance on your grave as some 12 year-old prick yells at you from behind for busting his bracket. Now that's depressing... Tonight's loss was just humbling.

So that's my official stance and I'm sticking with it: we got humbled (among other things), and it's the second best thing to a win.  Which, okay, would have been nice.

Now, on to the important work of figuring out how to blame this on Rick Barnes.