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Texas Longhorns recruiting class finishes No. 11 nationally, 1st in Big 12

Texas pulled in 11 commitments from 2016 recruits in under a week rocketing the Horns up the recruiting rankings to a top-11 finish.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Strong capped off his third National Signing Day with the Texas Longhorns by setting off the biggest display of recruiting fireworks in the country. The result when all the smoke cleared was 24 recruits added and the nation's 11th-best recruiting class according to the Composite team rankings.

Just how stunning was the turnaround? I started tracking Texas in the 247Sports Team rankings last Thursday when the Horns had 13 commits and were ranked 38th nationally (4th in the Big 12). Charlie and friends did all of that in seven days.

Date Time Commits National Ranking Big 12 Ranking
1/28/2016 2:03 PM 13 38 4
1/29/2016 7:40 AM 14 34 4
2/2/2016 12:13 PM 16 25 4
2/3/2016 6:19 AM 17 25 4
2/3/2016 7:55 AM 18 22 3
2/3/2016 8:10 AM 19 19 2
2/3/2016 8:46 AM 20 17 2
2/3/2016 9:00 AM 21 11 1
2/3/2016 9:38 AM 22 11 1
2/3/2016 10:39 AM 23 10 1
2/3/2016 1:29 PM 24 9

Late pushes by Auburn and Clemson pushed Texas back down to 11 from a peak at No. 9, but it was a helluva run by the Longhorns in the last week. The University of Texas is the only school from Big 12 or Texas in the top 15 according to 247Sports.

Longtime readers of BON and other sites that follow recruiting closely knew that Texas had massive recruiting weekends scheduled in January. Charlie Strong's team didn't have a great recruiting class in early January, but fortunately for him he had a month until National Signing Day.

Of course, most of the national media that only follows recruiting tangentially repeatedly missed the importance of patience for Charlie Strong's recruiting class.

"I would not expect them to be in the top 30 in recruiting with all Charlie Strong has had to overcome." - Bruce Feldman, January 19, 2016.

In the end, Texas finished the 2016 recruiting cycle with the Big 12's best class by a fair margin.

This recruiting class also marks the third straight year of improved recruiting under Charlie Strong and fourth straight year of improvement when counting Mack's last class. Texas ranked 11th nationally this year after also finishing 10th last year (with 6 more commits), and 16th the year before. Mack's last class in 2013 was ranked 17th, in large part because it only featured 15 signees, many of whom are no longer with the program.

Congratulations to Charlie Strong and the entire Texas football coaching staff. Time to get working on 2017.