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No. 1 S Brandon Jones explains his decision to sign with the Texas Longhorns

That comfort level that Charlie Strong tries to build? Well, he was successful in this key recruitment.

On Wednesday morning, Nacogdoches safety Brandon Jones, the top-rated player at his position in the country, sent the Texas Longhorns coaches into a frenzy when he announced his commitment to the Texas Longhorns on ESPNU. Well, except for tight ends coach Jeff Traylor, that is -- dude is ice cold.

But when head coach Charlie Strong talked about a few guys he wasn't sure about, Jones was almost certainly one of them. The reaction said it all.

And, in point of fact, Strong and his staff likely didn't know because Jones came to his decision quite recently.

"My decision was made last night and last night was the first time that I was able to think of stuff on my own," he said. "I was talking to my mom and all three schools are really good schools and I've really enjoyed everything they've done for me. I really loved all the coaching staffs, so it was just one thing that separated them from each other.

"I just felt more at home, honestly, at UT."

Hook 'em, Brandon. Let's ride.