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Texas AD Mike Perrin: Playing Texas A&M "not on my drawing board"

Please let an A&M-Texas bowl game happen, please let an A&M-Texas bowl game happen, please let an A&M-Texas bowl game happen.

Darren Carroll/Getty Images

Mike Perrin has only been the Texas Longhorns athletic director for a few months now, meaning there haven't been many opportunities for the media to ask him the one question that Longhorns athletic directors routinely get asked. You know, that question. That Aggie question.

So, Mike Perrin, where do you stand on the question of reviving the rivalry with the Texas A&M Aggies?

This is true -- not being in the same conference causes logistical issues that aren't easily solved, even if both sides develop the impetus towards resuming the rivalry. Right now, the status quo that has essentially persisted since Texas A&M left for the SEC in 2012 continues -- there is no real impetus towards resuming the rivalry.

So this is the point at which I recount some of the specifics of the rivalry and what-not and peruse longterm non-conference schedules. Yada yada. And note that lots of people want this to happen in both fanbases and around college football and that the rivalry is still quite alive and well on the recruiting trail and in the fanbases and in the fact that the players still dislike each other despite having never played each other. Yada yada.

There, so now that we've gone through this all, we can go back to hoping that, at some point in the near future, the records of both schools will align to the extent that it makes sense for the schools to face off in a bowl game while noting that the SEC now decides where six schools from its "pool of six" will play their bowl games [insert conspiracy theories here].

BRB, going to make a real template for these posts for the next time Perrin gets this question. Or his successor.