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TexAgs to produce documentary about Chuck F'n Strong

This is going to be amazing.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When Nacogdoches safety Brandon Jones announced that he would sign with the Texas Longhorns in the of the Texas A&M Aggies on Wednesday, his decision cast some significant irony on the documentary produced by TexAgs about Jones' recruitment. There were some definite lols.

Now, TexAgs is ready to produce another documentary about how Texas head coach Charlie Strong managed to win National Signing Day with another incredible finish. Er, how Chuck F'n Strong won National Signing Day, that is.

The first question was about style versus substance, a notable distinction in recruiting battles between the Aggies and Longhorns over the last 14 or so months. Longer than that, certainly, but especially notable in distinction since Malik Jefferson made his decision.

Anyway, here's the opener:

In typical Chuck F'n Strong tradition, this is perfect. Just one word. The only one necessary, in fact, but the one-word encapsulation of how the real Charlie Strong was able to land the class that he he's consistently said he needed to get this right.

For the longer description, have a watch of his press conference from last Wednesday.

The second question is currently in from Luicci, so this is a conversation that Longhorns fans will have to follow. (But not a documentary they can watch because this is all fake.)