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Texas Longhorns RB signee Kyle Porter is the real deal

And joins a loaded running back corps that can say the same thing.

The late and not entirely expected addition of Kay running back Kyle Porter didn't fill the most key need in the 2016 recruiting class for the Texas Longhorns, but it did provide head coach Charlie Strong and his offensive staff a move from an embarrassment of riches to, well, whatever comes on the next level after that. An absurdity of riches?

Perhaps the most mysterious and low-key top recruit in Texas in recent memory, Porter doesn't have a Twitter account, rarely did interviews, and didn't even want to engage much on his official visit to Austin on January 22.

"I will tell you this," Strong said on Wednesday. "I told our coaches that when you bring kids in here on a visit, it's overrated. He didn't want to do anything. That's just who he is, and what he's all about.

"When he was watching the basketball game, and I said, 'You and I can go, and I'll take you back to the hotel. We can sit and watch the game.' He said, 'Seriously?' I said, 'Yeah.' I also told him, 'Listen. Don't call me unless you're calling to commit.'"

In the aftermath of Porter's visit, there was little buzz for the Longhorns. In fact, TCU seemed like the favorite at that time, but no one really knew. That's Kyle Porter for you.

And it left Charlie Strong with nothing left to do but wait for that phone call. One that wasn't guaranteed to come. Far from it.

"So my phone rings on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I looked down and saw Kyle Porter," said Strong.

"I looked at the coaches and thought, 'Oh, this is going to be interesting.'"

Strong: "Kyle, what's going on?"

Porter: "Well, you told me not to call you unless I'm ready to commit. I'm coming."

/jumping and screaming among the Texas coaches

When Porter officially committed, he did it through a teammate, who posted the news to Twitter:

"For two years, I had the chance to watch him coming from an unbelievable program," Strong said. "You look at Katy High School and the championships they win, so you know what type of player you're going to get there."

US Army All-American, heir to an incredible running back tradition at the Houston-area powerhouse -- Porter is the first Kay prospect to head to Austin in decades.

And even though the rankings call him the No. 43 player in the state of Texas and a prospect not at the caliber of Arkansas signee Devwah Whaley, the state's top back, Porter is an impressively-talented player in his own right.

A player who ran for nearly 5,000 yards and scored 75 touchdowns on the ground despite sharing carries at times. A guy who can jump step, slide step, use his vision, hit the cutback, hit the open field and finish with good speed. Watch the first two plays on his senior highlights above. That's real-deal stuff. He had 40 catches in his career and understands how to contribute on third down. He's tough after carrying the ball 643 times at Katy.

He's a member of the Texas Longhorns and will join a group that already includes D'Onta Foreman, Chris Warren, and Kirk Johnson. So when new offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert wants to establish the physical running game that is a huge part of the veer-and-shoot offense, he'll have plenty of options. Even if Porter has to wait his turn, the low-key state champion will be ready when called upon.

Like Marshawn Lynch, he's just all about that action, boss.

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