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Texas LB Malik Jefferson: "My job is to master myself"

The sophomore linebacker has some lofty goals for spring practice.

Now participating in spring practice for the second time, Texas Longhorns linebacker Malik Jefferson has a variety of goals as he works to become a better leader and a bigger playmaker for head coach Charlie Strong's defense.

Watch as Jefferson describes his biggest goal as mastering himself as he refines his pure skills as a linebacker and tries to become a coach on the field from the middle linebacker position, which is tasked with ensuring that other players are aligned correctly, no easy task against new offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert's high-tempo attack.

"When you have experience, you try to teach somebody what to do, especially when there's younger kids coming in and people who don't have experience on the field, so my job this spring is to make sure I master myself before teaching someone else what I'm supposed to do," Jefferson said. "At the same time, letting them know that leadership is going to come eventually, just make sure you do the little things now so you can perfect it later."