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NCAA Tournament Elite Eight open thread

Who's going to Houston?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Two more Final Four tickets are yet to be punched, while Oklahoma and Villanova await their battle in Houston. Who's going to join them as one of the four teams with National Championship aspirations heading into the final weekend of the college basketball season? After sneaking into the NCAA Tournament, can Syracuse continue its winning ways and knock off Virginia after failing to do so in the regular season? Who will this ACC matchup pit the winner against in what will be yet another ACC matchup, whether it be North Carolina or Notre Dame? Will there be any No. 1 seeds still standing after tonights action?

Let's talk about it. This is your Elite Eight open thread!

6:09 PM ET - TBS

  • 1 Virginia vs. 10 Syracuse
8:49 PM ET - TBS
  • 1 North Carolina vs. 6 Notre Dame