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Texas baseball continues slump with third straight loss to Cal

Texas falls 0-6 in a disappointing game

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a series where "gosh dangit" has been the most popular phrase uttered by Longhorn fans at Disch-Falk field. Texas dropped their third straight to Cal today in a performance where the bats could never get going. That's been a bit of a theme this weekend, as the results have been a 1-4 loss, a 3-4 loss, and a 0-6 shutout.

The lack of power in the lineup leads to a small margin of error on defense, and unfortunately the inexperienced Texas team hasn't been able to step up to the task. For example, though the Longhorns were able to put up three runs in last night's game, Texas also gave up three scores on a misplayed pop fly, a wild pitch, and an errant throw to first.

The Longhorns will have a chance to avoid the sweep tomorrow at noon. At a 5-6 current record, they are hoping to get back to .500 before taking on a tough, but also struggling UCLA team in Los Angeles.

Despite the trouble Texas has had, there are certainly bright spots on the developing team. Sophomore Chase Shugart has looked phenomenal on the mound, and Joe Baker has been a spark in the batting order. The pitching has largely not been the problem, which should bring some solace to Texas fans.

College baseball can be unpredictable, as evidenced by last year --- one minute you can lose seven straight, and the next you are in the NCAA tournament. However, as the Texas sun gets hotter, so too may Augie's seat if the losses continue to pile up.