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Texas Longhorns hold eighth spring practice

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The running backs were able to find some room on Thursday.

On Thursday, the Texas Longhorns hit the practice field for the eight time this spring, and the video team compiled the brief video above.

Sophomore quarterback Jerrod Heard is still out with his minor shoulder sprain, affording redshirt freshman Kai Locksley the chance to make an appearance. And while his throw was against air, he did spin the football better than he has shown in the past on practice video.

There were also several good throws from the prospective starter, senior Tyrone Swoopes, a positive appearance from sophomore cornerback John Bonney, who has been picked on some this spring, some burst from junior running back D'Onta Foreman, and some darting quickness from junior running back Roderick Bernard.

Hot Rod was limited last season after his ACL tear late in the 2014 season and has made the move from wide receiver to running back. Likely fourth on the depth chart among the scholarship players once sophomore Kirk Johnson returns from his injury, Bernard nonetheless has some appeal as a specialty back because of his speed. Perhaps he simply gets lost in the shuffle this fall at running back, but he is someone to watch out for on kick returns, a role he held in 2014 prior to his knee injury.

There were also some lifetime Longhorns in attendance: