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Jordan Shipley and YETI combine for "Melkman" April Fool's Day video

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"A lot of people have started calling me the Melkman." (Nobody calls him the Melkman.)

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When wide reciever Jordan Shipley's career with the Texas Longhorns and in the NFL came to an end, he had a difficult choice to make.

What to do next?

"After retiring from football, I was lost," Shipley said. "My dad always told me, ‘Son, if you do what you love, find a way to do that and you'll never work a day in your life.'"

So the struggle for the standout pass-catcher had come to an end as the solution manifested itself in the form of elk. Milking elk that is, or Melk.

YETI even went as far as to mock up a Melk gift pack, which, in typically YETI fashion, would retail for $401.16. Get it?

melk gift pack

There's also a special, limited-time offer -- order now and receive a sample from Jordan's private melk stash. So far, the reviews have been mixed, but the product description is a must-read.

"When I first started milking elk, I knew that I couldn't change dairy forever without some help. So when YETI approached me about bringing melk to the masses, I was elated. They've created a solid product, from the pumping ducts to the nipple attachment."
-Jordan Shipley

"I can't say that I've had it but, you know, to each his own."
-Colt McCoy