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Spieth 18 holes away from consecutive green jackets and a third major win

Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Spieth is 18 holes away from his second consecutive green jacket at The Masters. The former Texas Longhorns golfer has held The Masters lead for seven straight rounds at Augusta National -- a tournament record -- will be in the Sunday's final pairing for the third time in three years. He has never competed in The Masters without playing in Sunday's final pairing -- one of the many astonishing facts that accompany his brilliant career.

Unlike last year, Spieth (-3) does not hold a cushy lead heading into his final 18 holes. After a disappointing finish on 17 and 18 yesterday, the Lifetime Longhorn dropped a couple strokes but still finished with the outright lead. Only four players are under-par after three difficult rounds in strenuous conditions.

He won't have a lot of room for error if he aims to repeat and cement his legacy at Augusta on Sunday afternoon.

Spieth, 22, will be paired with 24-year-old LSU alum and Masters rookie Smylie Kaufman (-2). The group tees off at 1:45 p.m. CST on CBS.

This is your Masters open thread. Light the tower, Jordan.