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Texas QB Kai Locksley not happy about not playing in Orange & White game

This won't slow down the transfer rumors.

Kai Locksley
Kai Locksley

Based on multiple reports, Texas Longhorns redshirt freshman quarterback Kai Locksley didn't endear himself to his coaches this spring, culminating in zero snaps during the first half of the Orange and White game before Charlie Strong cancelled it at halftime.

After the game, he immediately took to social media to vent his frustration:

Fortunately for the Locksley family, Kai's father probably isn't on the verge of going broke because of that ticket after his lengthy career as a head coach and offensive coordinator at various stops around the country.

And the coaches didn't necessarily keep Locksley from playing in the first half as any type of punishment before heavy rain in the area forced Strong to call off the second half. The head coach said that Locksley would have played after the break and said that he'll get his chance.

It may not come at quarterback, though, and it may not even come at wide receiver with tweets like this. So it doesn't seem like a stretch or an overreaction to feel like Locksley's Texas career hangs in the balance of what he does before fall camp starts at the beginning of August.