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The top 5 plays by the Texas Longhorns in the Orange & White game

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The Texas Longhorns only managed to complete one half of the annual Orange and White game before head coach Charlie Strong cancelled the remainder of the proceedings, but both sides of the ball were able to produce some impressive plays in the more than 100 plays in 30 minutes.

So without further ado, here's the top five:

1. Shane Buechele hits John Burt for a 65-yard touchdown

From Burt's speed to run past senior cornerback John Burt to the perfect, in-stride delivery from Buechele, this play is just beautiful to watch for Texas fans.

2. Chris Warren stiff arms John Bonney on 51-yard touchdown run

The sophomore running back is 100-percent savage. Normally, he just runs defenders over, but on Saturday he decided to discard Bonney in a different way. Oh yeah, then he showed off his open-field speed in exploding to the end zone.

3. Armanti Foreman finds end zone with good footwork

Another fantastic throw by Buechele is in the perfect spot for the junior wide receiver to bring it in despite limited space and solid coverage by sophomore cornerback Holton Hill. Foreman had an excellent day after a disappointing junior season and now looks like a strong candidate to join his twin brother as a big-time playmaker for the Longhorns.

4. DeShon Elliott lays the wood on Hot Rod Bernard

Release the Kraken! If Warren and junior running back D'Onta Foreman are terrors for most defenders in the open field, the sophomore safety is just as dangerous to opposing ball carriers -- Bernard isn't likely to forget about that one time any time soon.

5. John Bonney takes advantage of Holton Hill's deflection

Playing in coverage against early enrollee wide receiver Collin Johnson isn't easy, but Hill was in perfect condition to knock away an underthrown pass by senior quarterback Tyrone Swoopes and Bonney showed off his range at safety in order to haul in the interception.