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Texas QB Shane Buechele's Orange & White game highlights

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This is what the hype is about.

Among Texas Longhorns fans and writers, the buzz about early enrollee quarterback Shane Buechele's impressive debut performance last Saturday during the first and only half of the Orange and White game hasn't yet died down. Nor does it seem likely to any time soon.

But since not everyone had a chance to watch the scrimmage or even gets the Longhorn Network, the highlights of Buechele's 22-of-41 performance that went for 299 yards and two touchdowns are available above.

"The thing that Buechele did is he made some really good throws, and he was able to manage the offense," said head coach Charlie Strong.

Indeed, Buechele never came close to throwing an interception, threw the ball away when he needed to, and make quick decisions. He also got each play off nearly two seconds faster on average than senior Tyrone Swoopes.

BON commenter THGTex watched every throw that Buechele attempted in the game and came away impressed, too:

Buechele had 7 excellent plays, 25 good plays, 6 bad plays and 0 terrible plays. I did not see a single pass that should have been intercepted and only one that could have been intercepted. The two batted passes showed how the height will be an issue at times (as a side note, kudos to Vasser for the two batted passes showing good ability to read eyes and time his jump both times). This type of performance will always give us a chance to win and can be the difference in close games.

The Arlington Lamar product is not yet the starter heading into summer workouts, but he certainly looks like the leader. And Strong is on record saying that he's willing to start Buechele as a true freshman.

Whatever happens, it looks like the Longhorns should be able to expect competent play at quarterback this fall from Buechele, at the least.