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Texas football posts program-record 971 APR

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For the second straight year, the Longhorns showed improvement off the field.

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Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong doesn't just use academics as a selling point as a way to convince parents to let their sons play football in Austin -- he actually backs it up with results, as the football program posted a 971 mutli-year APR that ranked second in the Big 12.

It was the second straight year that Texas managed a program record in the NCAA's measurement of academic success after increasing the score by 13 points over last year. While it's not a perfect system, it is proof that all the time the coaches spend making sure that players are in class is paying off in a measurable way that should ultimately prove beneficial for the post-football careers of Charlie Strong's players.

All of the other Texas programs also posted solid scores, with five sports -- men's basketball, men's tennis, women's basketball, women's swimming and diving and volleyball -- achieving perfect scores. The entire list is available here.

"I see it every day, but this once again gives me great pride in the dedication and effort our student-athletes put into competing for their teams, giving back to the community and excelling in the classroom," said athletic director Mike Perrin.

"The recently released APR scores for our programs are tremendous across the board. They truly are a reflection of the type of well-rounded student-athletes we have at The University of Texas. These consistently high APR scores also reinforce the emphasis our coaches and staff place on education, graduation and our steadfast commitment to the overall development of our student-athletes."