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Texas RBs D'Onta Foreman and Chris Warren dubbed the Smash Brothers

Crash. Boom. Bang.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

All great duos need a nickname and with Texas Longhorns running backs D'Onta Foreman and Chris Warren poised to carry new offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert's offense as far as they can take it, according to head coach Charlie Strong, it stands to reason that they deserve an official moniker.

Courtesy of D'Onta's father, that nickname is the Smash Brothers:

Texas alum and new running backs coach Anthony Johnson was adamant at the time of his hire that the Longhorns are Running Back U and his two warhorses look poised to give further truth to that statement.

Foreman is 6'0 and 238 pounds. Warren is 6'2 and 255 pounds. Defensive coordinator Vance Bedford hasn't been hesitant in pointing out the difficulties that both of those players pose for his defenders attempting to tackle them. Sophomore linebacker Malik Jefferson even wished the rest of the Big 12 good luck in doing so.

Warren's incredible 91-yard touchdown run against Texas Tech stands as one of the longest and most iconic efforts in Texas history -- after all, the son of the former NFL running back of the same name did break seven tackles on that play. Seven!

Foreman averaged 7.17 yards per carry courtesy of two runs over 80 yards and delivered his own stiff arm to sophomore cornerback John Bonney in the Orange and White game before Warren had a chance on his 51-yard touchdown run. Still motivated by his snubs during the recruiting process, the chip on Foreman's shoulder gives him a little extra nastiness, as a Rice defender found out the hard way last year.

However, there is some competition for the Smash Brothers nickname, as Eric Nahlin of Inside Texas dubbed them Forewarrened after the Orange and White game.

How about a compromise? Let's just say that the 12 teams on the Texas schedule next season are now officially Forewarrened about the coming of the Smash Brothers.