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Texas Baseball: Stats Behind the Madness

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How the 2015 campaign compares to this season, and where things stand now.

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An emotional roller coaster of a Texas Longhorns baseball season is coming down to the final stretch. Unpredictability is the key feature of this team. It’s impossible to guess where the season will go when it’s hard to even interpret the games that have been played.  However, as they say, stats don’t lie. So, with 12 games remaining, here are 12 fast facts to know about this season so far:

  1. In 2015, Ben Johnson was the sole Longhorn with over 10 at bats hitting at or above a .295 average. Currently, seven Texas hitters are batting at least .295, and all have at least 75 at bats.
  2. Patrick Mathis leads the team in batting average (.315) and home runs (5). He was last in both categories in 2015 for any player who started a game (.063 average and 0 home runs).
  3. Kacy Clemens’ on base percentage before wearing prescription glasses = .278. Kacy Clemens’ OBP after wearing glasses = .407
  4. Ty Culbreth has pitched in 64 contests in his career and has never let up more than four runs in a game.
  5. Connor Mayes is only 2-8 in games he has started in his career.
  6. Despite strong overall performance, Kyle Johnston leads all pitchers in walks with 31. This surpasses his 2015 total of 27 BBs (which was also a team high).
  7. Only one team with more than 24 losses made the NCAA Tournament as an at large last year. Clemson had 27 losses and a 33rd strength of schedule and was still picked by the committee. With twelve games remaining, Texas has 21 losses and a 4th ranked SOS, according to Boyd's World.
  8. At #23 in the nation, Oklahoma St. is by far Texas' most daunting future opponent. Texas' four other remaining opponents have an average RPI of 174 out of the 300 Division 1 teams.
  9. This year, Texas run ruled #15 Texas Tech 17-1 in Lubbock, but was shut out at home to #231 Texas A&M Corpus Christi 0-5.
  10. Some losses don’t look as bad now. For example, Lamar is now 29-10 and ranked #47 in RPI.
  11. Texas' RPI is up to 104 after hovering in the mid one hundreds for most of the season. They are only two games worse than they were at this point last season (19-21 vs. 21-19).
  12. Augie Garrido is 31 wins away from 2,000 career victories.

This season's weirdness continues today against Texas State at 6 pm CST. Abram will have a thread for that up later today. It's about as crucial as a mid week game can be -- expect nothing less than the unexpected.