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Texas QB commit Sam Ehlinger #Believes

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A big season could help the Longhorns land everybody in the 2017 class. Er, everyone, that is.

Sam Ehlinger
Sam Ehlinger
Wescott Eberts (SB Nation)

As the narrative of the 2017 Texas Longhorns recruiting class continues to coalesce, it's becoming more and more clear that on-field results will play a much greater role in this cycle than it did in the previous cycle. For Austin Westlake quarterback Sam Ehlinger, a lifetime Texas Longhorns fan who officially joined the class last summer, it's about being willing to believe in the possibilities that a successful season would create.

"Everyone. Everyone," Ehlinger told Bud Elliott, SB Nation's national recruiting analyst. "If we have a good year, it won't be about how many we can get, but about who we want and who we have to turn down. This year is crucial for the program. I believe we're going to have a great year and turn things around."

The phrase #Believe became the favored hashtag for Texas recruits and fans at the end of the 2016 cycle, as the Longhorns unexpectedly hurtled up the rankings with the incredible close to the class. With that finish, the belief of those prospects enabled belief in the future of the program when combined with the talented emerging stars from the previous class.

In speaking to Texas faculty recently -- the site of the infamous "steamroll everyone" comments -- Strong explained that it means to #Believe.

"Right now, our message is ‘Believe,'" Strong said. "You have to believe in yourself before anyone will ever believe in you. It's all about that --€” believe in yourself, believe you get it done, believe you can be the best person, the best student. All that works together and it works together as a team. There's no reason for that not to happen."

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