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Texas baseball shut out at home by TAMU-CC

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It's now difficult to point to any single positive thing about this baseball team.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

At least the Lamar Cardinals have a good baseball team, ranking No. 43 in the latest RPI, 45 spots ahead of the Texas Longhorns. The Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Islanders, however? Not so good, as head coach Scott Malone's program entered Tuesday's midweek game in Austin with a 10-18 record after going 1-7 on the school's current long road trip, but managed a 5-0 win over Texas to set another low point for a season full of them.

An error-prone Texas defense committed another on Tuesday to continue to pace the Big 12 in that dubious category, first baseman Kacy Clemens ran into the first out of a potentially big inning at third base on a single to left field, TAMU-CC starter Aaron Hernandez shut down the 'Horns at the plate despite getting rocked by a NAIA team in his last outing, and Texas had 10 or more strikeouts for the eighth time this season.

In that critical inning when Texas could have cut into a 2-0 lead secured with a two-run first-inning home run by TAMU-CC, the mistake by Clemens proved critical, as the 'Horns ended the inning having put four runners on base, yet failed to score a run. Three runs given up in late innings made the loss more frustrating, but ultimately wouldn't have made much of a difference, most likely, as Texas hasn't rallied to win a single game this year when trailing after six innings.

The ninth-inning scorecard currently sits at 24-6 in favor of Texas opponents, with four of those runs coming in the failed comeback against Texas A&M. That game ended in a walk-off home run by the Aggies, because 2016 Longhorns baseball.

It's no longer possible to excuse the results this season because of the tough schedule -- as it has gotten easier, the Longhorns have simply played worse. For a school with the resources and in-state talent base of Texas, this is unacceptable.

At this point, the season can't end fast enough and the changes that need to happen when it does can't come fast enough either. Texas president Greg Fenves will reportedly make that decision instead of athletic director Mike Perrin. Regardless, it's a no-brainer.