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Texas baseball heads to Kansas State

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The Horns will take on the Wildcats looking for a rebound series.

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Man oh man. We've been blogging about Texas Longhorns baseball for a long time, but this may have been the most challenging post I've had to write. I was tempted to just re-publish the piece I ran before the TCU series about how Texas baseball needs a change, but that seemed like a cop out. The list of things I'd rather be blogging about than Texas baseball right now is long and expansive.

Let's go through a few:

#1 is obviously the 2006 Rose Bowl, but that's usually at the top.

#2 is the 2005 Texas baseball team.

#32 is the ongoing quarterback competition for Texas football.

#281 is the birthing class I recently attended.

#641 is the breastfeeding class I also recently attended.

#642 is a piece on what makes Abram such an effective attorney.

#6,281 is the ongoing presidential election blogged about without a political bent because no politics on BON.

This weekend's series with Kansas State comes in at #7,000, 3 spots ahead of last Tuesday's shutout loss to TAMUCC.

Last, of course, is the 2010 Ros... you know what, not even going to type it.

Alas, here we are talking about Texas baseball.

The Wildcats have been the worst team in the Big 12 through two weekends with zero wins in six tries. That's a bit misleading as they've been swept by two of the conference's better teams in Oklahoma State and Texas Tech and four of those six losses came by just 1 run.

KSU hasn't been terrible at the plate with a respectable .282 team batting average and five players hitting above .300.

The pitching is another story. Kansas State's team ERA is 5.11 which isn't great. The starting pitching has been the main problem. Six players have made multiple starts for the Wildcats with none boasting an ERA below four.

Texas isn't dead at 3-3 in the conference, but anything less than a series victory against one on the conference's worst teams would just about doom the Horns and turn attention to the future of Texas baseball.

FRIDAY 6:30 PM: UT RHP Morgan Cooper (1-1, 4.55) vs. KSU LHP Parker Rigler (2-5, 4.58 ERA)

SATURDAY 2 PM: UT LHP Ty Culbreth (5-2, 2.31) vs. KSU RHP Levi MaVorhis (3-2, 4.12 ERA)

SUNDAY 1 PM: UT RHP Kyle Johnston (1-1, 3.12)  vs. KSU RHP Corey Fischer (1-3, 6.17 ERA)

No TV this weekend sadly, so it's radio/Twitter/Gametracker or bust.