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Former Texas FB Alex De La Torre announces move to the coaching world

Best of luck to hard-nosed blocker.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

For football players who have grown up around the game, it's never easy to move on, but former Texas Longhorns fullback Alex De La Torre did exactly that on Sunday morning, announcing that he's ready to become a coach after playing the game since he was five years old:

So the 6'0, 243-pounder will follow in the footsteps of his father, who is currently the head coach at Irving after a career in the NFL. De La Torre has grown up around the game, seen his father in action as a coach, played it, and seems to have the traits that can make him effective in his chosen profession.

De La Torre was a second-team All-Big 12 selection in 2015 after a strong senior season that saw him emerge as one of the key pieces in a potent Texas rushing attack. After doing some of his best work in the 18 Wheeler package that finally unleashed the running ability of quarterback Tyrone Swoopes, De La Torre's absence will be felt in 2016 because the Longhorns don't have a pure fullback on the roster with his toughness and blocking ability.

Here's hoping that De La Torre finds success in his coaching career and can become an evangelist for Texas football.