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Kody and Kacy Clemens have big shoes to fill on the Texas Longhorns baseball team

Roger Clemens' sons both play for the 'Horns. The name draws attention, but for them it's just a name.

Looking at the Texas Longhorns' baseball roster, it's easy to guess Kody and Kacy Clemens are brothers and even the identity of the pair's father. Baseball legend Roger Clemens actually has four sons. The oldest is Koby, followed by Kory, Kacy, and Kody. You can guess why they all start with the letter "K."

The youngest two are current members of the 'Horns baseball team. Kacy is a junior first baseman, while Kody is a freshman infielder. Their father, who played for Texas in the early '80s, attends their games in a field-level suite, and his name adorns a wall at Disch-Falk Field. Above you can watch a Longhorn Network feature on the family and learn what it's like to own such a famous name.

While the two brothers generally get along, Roger says the dinner conversation can get awkward if one has a great game and the other goes 0-for-4.

"You need Dr. Phil on speed dial," he says.

Kacy and Kody enjoyed a few perks growing up, like serving as bat boys for the likes of Derek Jeter and Jeff Bagwell.

"They've seen things some kids never see," says Roger.

Having Clemens as a last name might seem like it comes with a lot of pressure, but that's not necessarily the case.

"The amount of weight that last name has, it means a lot more weight for other people than us," says Kacy Clemens. "For us, it's just a last name."