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Texas Ex Marquise Goodwin now has the world-leading long jump

Making the Olympics this summer could have an impact on Goodwin's professional football career.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Marquise Goodwin, the former Texas Longhorns standout, set a personal best and a world-leading effort with a long jump of 8.45m at the Meeting Region Guadeloupe on Saturday evening. So Goodwin appears to be in strong form ahead of Olympic qualifying in July after surpassing his previous personal best of 8.33m that he set during the 2012 Olympic trails.

Goodwin's Saturday achievement was .11m longer than the previous world-leading jump.

While the odds of Goodwin making the Olympic team for a second time after finishing 10th at the London games four years ago seem high, his NFL future is more murky at the moment as he prepares to enter the final season of his rookie contract with the Bills.

Goodwin only caught two passes in two games in 2015 due to a rib injury and missed six games the year before while catching only one pass. Since he'll miss two preseason games and most of training camp if he qualifies for the Olympics, he could struggle to make the roster in Buffalo this season.

However, competing for his country once again is too important for Goodwin to worry about the potential ramifications of his decision to focus on track this summer.