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Mississippi HS commits sacrilege by combining Aggie nickname with Longhorns logo

No. Just no. This is not okay.

Just southeast of Nashville, there's a high school in Corinth, Mississippi. And there's something extremely disturbing about this high school -- the Kossuth Aggies combine the maroon of the Texas A&M Aggies and the steer logo of the Texas Longhorns to create an incredibly disturbing cocktail that will likely shock the senses of A&M and Texas fans alike.

aggies longhorns ugh

The visuals are extremely jarring -- there are few things that go together more poorly than maroon and white and a Longhorns logo. Feel free to list any of those things in the comments.

The irony, though? Connecting the Aggies with the playoffs, which doesn't exactly seem like it's happening any time soon and would only be arguably possible in several seasons in school history. So LOL at that.