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Texas announces selection of Bevo XV

The new mascot will make his public debut against Notre Dame on September 4.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After a months-long search that began in the middle of last October, the Texas Longhorns announced on Monday that the school has found a replacement for Bevo XIV, the steer whose given name was Sunrise Studly. Bevo XV will make his public debut before the season opener against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the primetime evening slot on ABC on September 4.

"Bevo has embodied Longhorn pride and Texas spirit for 100 years," school president Gregory L. Fenves said in a statement. "He is part of our campus culture and has watched our football team's successes for decades. I'm looking forward to seeing Bevo XV in his place of honor on the field this coming season."

Indeed, the original Bevo debuted for the Thanksgiving against the Texas A&M Aggies in 1916, a 21-7 victory for the Longhorns.

Bevo XIV also had a long run of success -- after becoming the school's mascot at the age of two, he was on the sidelines for both victories in the Rose Bowl and even appeared at the second inauguration of president George W. Bush at the White House. However, he passed away from Bovine Leukemia Virus days after his diagnosis.

Now the training process will begin for the Bevo XV, who will have a long tradition to uphold and had to meet a number of criteria prior to his selection.

"Bevo XV has all of the characteristics that we were looking for -- he is a beautiful steer with great disposition, color and a championship pedigree," said Ricky Brennes, executive director of the Silver Spurs Alumni Association. "Each Bevo has had his own unique personality and Bevo XV is no exception. He's very gentle, smart and curious. He is used to being around people and enjoys the attention. Silver Spurs handlers are working with him, becoming more familiar with his personality as well as proper leading and showing techniques. He will be ready for gameday."