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Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido reiterates that he won't quit, resign, or retire

Mike Perrin and company are going to have to do this the hard way.

After a loss to the TCU Horned Frogs to end a season that tied for the most losses in school history for Texas Longhorns baseball, the narrative from head coach Augie Garrido was about his team coming together at the last possible moments and his continued stubbornness about his future.

augie garrido quit

"I've been on record all along that I'm not going to quit, I'm not going to resign, I'm not going to retire," Garrido said after the game, reiterating his stance for the third time. "If I'm not back it's because I couldn't control the decision. Trails end, baby. They all end, so we'll just see. But for me, I'm not quitting."

Garrido has one year left on his contract at $1.04 million, as well as an opportunity to become the first college baseball coach to reach 2,000 wins. A buyout from Texas would cost the 'Horns $300,000, presenting the first big personnel decision for athletic director Mike Perrin.

Stay tuned, y'all -- if Perrin wants to oust Augie, he's gonna have to do it the hard way.