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Texas HC Charlie Strong says 'Horns will hold in-state satellite camps

Going beyond Texas borders to evaluate prospects in person isn't necessary, according to Strong.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

With mounting pressure from other schools readying to hold satellite camps around the Lone Star State after the NCAA lifted the recently-imposed ban on such camps, Charlie Strong and the Texas Longhorns will respond in kind, according to multiple reports emerging from league meetings in Arizona.

"Everyone's dipping their toe in now," Strong said, per ESPN. "There's camps all over the state. Texas is the big state everyone is coming to."

Indeed, major programs around the country have announced camps in Texas in the days since the NCAA ruling. And while it would make sense for Texas to go to other states like Louisiana and Florida, Strong is clearly making a concerted effort at this time to target and recruit in-state athletes as exclusively as possible. Rumblings in the Texas high school coaching ranks following Strong and his staff signing 10 out-of-state prospects in 2015 were hardly favorable towards Strong's decision.

Holding out-of-state camps isn't necessary, Strong said, but that's only really true if Texas can land all the prospects it needs with homegrown talent. In 2015, that definitely wasn't the case, but with surging momentum gained from finishing the 2016 class, the Longhorns have a chance to once again become the state's most desirable destination with improved on-field performance this fall.

So Strong is ready to "jump in the middle of it" after he receives clearance from compliance and could choose to target talent-rich areas like Dallas, Houston, and East Texas. Some or all of the camps could be run jointly with other programs.

Not only did Texas risk falling behind other rival programs in in-person evaluations by not holding satellite camps, getting Strong in front of recruits could prove to be a tremendous boon.