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Texas assistants Jeff Traylor, Brick Haley set to receive big raises

Everybody getting paid.

Jeff Traylor (left) will officially get his big raise
Jeff Traylor (left) will officially get his big raise
Texas athletics

The agenda for the Texas Board of Regents this week includes the approval of the pay raises for three Longhorns assistant coaches -- tight ends coach Jeff Traylor, defensive line coach Brick Haley, and strength and conditioning coach Pat Moorer -- as well as the initial contracts of three other position coaches hired this offseason by head coach Charlie Strong.

Traylor is already one of the top recruiters in the 2017 class by ESPN after serving a pivotal role in landing the commitments of East Texas products Major Tennison (tight end), Damion Miller (wide receiver), and Lagaryonn Carson (defensive end). In 2016, the former Gilmer head coach helped land the nation's No. 1 safety, Brandon Jones, and played a key role in a number of other recruitments, earning recognition as Scout's Big 12 Recruiter of the Year.

And when Strong needed someone to sell his planned offensive philosophy to prospective coordinator Sterlin Gilbert, Traylor was the only assistant who made the trip to Tulsa with Strong, athletic director Mike Perrin, and UT-Austin president Greg Fenves.

After serving as a point of access to Louisiana last season in helping to land four prospects from The Boot, Haley turned down a job offer from the Texas A&M Aggies in February. While mostly a lateral move on paper, a relationship with Aggie defensive coordinator John Chavis made the decision a difficult one for the defensive line coach. It took five days, but Haley eventually decided to stay at Texas for a second season in return for a significant raise.

Here are all the details of the deals the Board of Regents will approve:

  • Tight ends coach Jeff Traylor -- Base salary of $350,000. Traylor made $245,00 last season, an increase of 42.8 percent.
  • Wide receivers coach Charlie Williams -- Base salary of $375,000. In 2015, former wide receivers coach Jay Norvell made $370,000.
  • Running backs coach Anthony Johnson -- Base salary $325,000. Johnson made $83,742 last season at Toledo. Former running backs coach Tommie Robinson made $350,000.
  • Defensive line coach Brick Haley -- Increase from $235,000 to $495,000, an increase of 98 percent.  Haley's replacement at LSU, Ed Orgeron, made $465,000 last season.
  • Defensive backs coach Clay Jennings -- Base salary of $400,000. Jennings made $350,000 last season at Arkansas. Former defensive backs coach Chris Vaughn made $300,000 in 2015 before being dismissed for alleged recruiting violations at Ole Miss.
  • Strength and conditioning coach Pat Moorer -- Increase in base salary from $330,000 to $350,000.
  • All told, Texas will pay out $460,000 more to these six assistants than in the assistants in the same positions made last season. Of that increase, $365,000 was for Traylor and Haley.
  • The assistants also receive other benefits like speaking fees ($5,000 for Traylor), camp fees ($10,000 for Traylor), the option of a dealer car of $7,500 annually, memberships to the University of Texas Golf Club, one-time relocation payments ($2,000), and performance incentives typically worth $185,000 in total.