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2016 Texas Longhorns football jerseys arrive in Austin

One small tweak highlights the on-field look for the ‘Horns this fall.

While the yearly arrival of the Texas Longhorns football uniforms in Austin doesn’t feature the same fanfare as the reveals of new-look jerseys for other schools around the country, there is unquestionably some excitement associated with the unveiling — it means that football season is right around the corner.

On Tuesday, University of Texas football equipment Twitter account revealed the latest iteration of the iconic Longhorns uni:

As per usual, the only tweak looks like a subtle one — a since-deleted tweet from former wide receivers coach Jay Norvell last year showcased a “Texas Fight” inscription on the inside collar that seemingly does not appear this season.

In late 2014, Texas added the somewhat controversial metallic logo to the helmet. Based on the profile picture for the football equipment account, that decal will remain, and is complemented nicely in the picture by a similar metallic logo on the football.

About a month ago, the account also revealed the cleats for this season:

Too bad the metallic finish on the bottom of those cleats isn’t burnt orange to match the helmet decal.

And though some fans and recruits might be disappointed that there aren't any wholesale changes or even rumors of alternate looks, it seems safe to say that defensive coordinator Vance Bedford is happy that the ‘Horns aren’t going to be running around in “clown suits”:

"Absolutely, 100% NO! We're the University of Texas,” Bedford said in 2014.

“I mean, if a uniform is going to make you a player -- I think when we wear our whites, it's as pretty as any uniform out there.

When the University of Texas walks out there, with that logo and that uniform, you know who they are. If you look at USC's uniforms, you know who they are. If you look at Notre Dame, you know who they are.

It's nothing personal. I just don't need all that stuff. I'm just an old school guy. I'm not a young guy that needs all that stuff to say, 'Yeah, this is who I am.'

Give me the nice, clean-cut stuff and let's go play football."

Only 81 more days, coach!