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Texas Longhorns to host 3-star small forward Savion Flagg

The 'Horns have a chance to impress the Houston-area product next week.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Three-star small forward Savion Flagg's stock has been rising as of late and head coach Shaka Smart's doing his due diligence to keep the Houston-area product in Texas. According to 247Sports, Flagg will be visiting the Longhorns next week, as well as heading up I-35 to visit Scott Drew and Baylor.

As noted, Flagg's recruitment has seen a significant uptick after continually impressing on a loaded Houston Defenders AAU team. What was once a modest offer list now includes Kansas State, Houston, Wake Forest, Texas A&M, Miami, SMU and Texas, among others. The Longhorns offered Flagg on May 5.

Despite the 'three-star' label, Flagg's a guy that may very well climb to the four-star ranks before entering college. His ideal skill set for a Smart-coached system would make Flagg and hand-in-hand fit in Austin with his ability to impact the boards and push the break, which compliments his touch from the perimeter to stretch the floor.

As one of the prominent names among his current offers, Texas has an opportunity to leave a lasting and impactful impression on Flagg's recruitment.