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Kevin Durant gives shoes away to Texas students as part of KD9 release promotion

The NBA superstar is the gift that keeps on giving for the Longhorns.

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Nine lucky University of Texas students picked up pairs of Longhorns alum Kevin Durant's signature line of sneakers on Tuesday as part of promotional activities by the NBA star to promote the release of his KD9 kicks.

The students were the first to respond to a tweet from Durant enticing the first nine arriving at Gregory Gym with a special giveaway.

Durant also showed off his legendary shooting skills with Texas head coach Shaka Smart, as well as a sick Dirk Nowitzki-esque one-footed fadeaway.

Former Texas player Justin Mason was also around for the event to show media members around the campus.

Close friends with Durant, Mason once famously hosted his former teammate in Austin one summer. Ever down to earth, Durant slept on an air mattress in Mason's apartment despite his rookie contract and endorsement deals.

Designed by Leo Chang, the KD9 is currently available in the Zero colorway, with two more available in coming weeks. The suggested retail price is $150. Durant touts it as the "perfect shoe" for the player that he is now.

"The upper allows me to shift to the right and come back to my left really quick and pull up on a dime," Durant notes. "The shoes are perfectly catered to my foot, like I molded these and got a special pair made. That's what I want everybody to feel who puts these on. It will feel personal."