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Rising LB Kenneth Murray will visit Texas and Texas A&M on the same day

The versatile Houston-area product plans on seeing the two recruiting rivals back to back.

Kenneth Murray
Kenneth Murray
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While recruits often visit multiple schools in the same region on back-to-back, it's not that common for a player to visit two recruiting rivals on the same day, but that's what Fort Bend Elkins linebacker Kenneth Murray plans on doing next weekend, traveling to Austin to see the Texas Longhorns and then heading to College Station for a visit with the Texas A&M Aggies:

The Texas offer the 6'2, 210-pounder received back on May 25 may end up being a game-changer in Murray's recruitment.

"It's a huge offer," Murray told Horns247. "I'm just grateful for it. God blessed me with it. It's huge for me."

Texas A&M had previously held some apparent momentum after he picked up his offer from the Aggies on May 19. So this will be the first trip to both schools since they extended offers, which adds to the stakes a little bit.

Murray also camped at Ole Miss on Friday and plans on taking several other trips this summers. And Oklahoma was a school that was high on his radar in the recent past, so there are quite a few schools in contention at the moment -- 10, in fact, based on a list that Murray released several days ago.

In recent recruiting battles between the two schools, Texas head coach Charlie Strong hasn't had an opportunity like this to go head-to-head against Texas A&M head Kevin Sumlin, back to back. But considering that he's won a lot of the recent head-to-head battles, he should be in good shape to win the day.