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Baylor Blotter: Things Are Getting Uglier In Waco

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Joe Schad posted a story about another victim: Former Baylor student Dolores Lozano told Joe Schad she was assaulted by former BU player Devin Chaffin. She claims that Art Briles, Briles' son-in-law and Baylor coach Jeff Lebby and multiple other Baylor employees had knowledge but did not take action. This was Baylor's statement in response to this report.

Former Baylor player Devin Chaffin disputes Lozano's allegations: Local Waco station KWTX interviewed Devin Chaffin about the allegations. The police say Lozanzo refused a protective order and didn't let officers take any photos of her injuries.

The woman alleging assault wouldn't cooperate, according top the Waco PD: Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton said Dolores Lozano was too busy to come back to the police station for photos of her bruises.

Here's a statement from March 16 from Briles about Chafin returning to the team: Chafin was originally suspended from the team because of drug charges, not any issue relating to assault accusations.

Baylor will not release the full Pepper Hamilton report: The Baylor University Board of Regents put out a statement summarizing the report but they refuse to release the report in its entirety citing privacy issues.

Baylor's regents need to release the Pepper Hamilton report: A Dallas Morning News editorial calls on Baylor University Regents to release the entire report.

Baylor and Rape Culture: This story isn't just about a football program; there are bigger issues at Baylor.