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Report: Florida's Kevin O'Sullivan won't be the next Texas baseball coach

Hamstrung by the continuing NCAA Tournament, the 'Horns are mostly succeeding in getting other coaches paid right now.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

With two other potential Texas Longhorns baseball coaching targets having signed or verbally accepted extensions, Florida Gators head coach Kevin O'Sullivan increasingly looked like the top target for athletic director Mike Perrin. But according to Kendall Rogers of, O'Sullivan will remain in Gainesville and will not give the Texas job further consideration.

If the report holds up, it would mean that the Longhorns are almost solely responsible for skyrocketing coaching salaries across the country -- first it was Louisville's Dan McDonnell, who will now make in excess of $1 million per season, then it was TCU's Jim Schlossnagle on Thursday. His salary will likely be in the same range and O'Sullivan is probably due for a raise, too, as well as some needed capital investment from the school into the baseball program.

According to Rogers, sources were "very confident" that O'Sullivan would end up in Austin and the Florida didn't exactly go out of his way to deny any contact with Texas in recent days.

Perhaps he was merely using the opportunity for leverage, but the result is that three of the most appealing options nationally are now seemingly off the board for the 'Horns, even though the Texas job is widely considered as arguably the best job in college baseball. If it is, that fact doesn't appear to be enough right now to lure away the top coaches around the country.

So, step on up David Pierce of Tulane?