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Sean Allen and Phillip Miller named new Texas baseball assistant coaches

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The Longhorns will have two fresh faced assistants donning burnt orange in the dugout next season.

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Though the head coaching search was an arduous 31 days, Texas has swiftly hired two new assistant coaches for the baseball program. On Friday, the University of Texas reported that Sean Allen and Phillip Miller will be joining David Pierce in the dugout next season. Both Allen and Miller have been Pierce's assistants in all five years he has been a head coach -- from Sam Houston State to Tulane.

Allen will be joining the Texas staff as the lead assistant after nine-year Texas pitching coach Skip Johnson departed the program to take the same role at Oklahoma. Alabama announced Allen as their new assistant coach on Wednesday,  but ultimately decided to come to Austin after Pierce's hiring.

At David Pierce's introductory press conference yesterday, he said, "Sean Allen is someone I would like to have here." His wish was granted. Allen was declared "one of the premier assistant coaches in the country" in his bio at Tulane, and unlike pitching wizard Skip Johnson, is primarily known for his development of hitters and his recruiting skills. The 37-year-old is a Houston native, and was called a "hot head coaching prospect" by D1 Baseball editor Aaron Fitt in 2014.

Phillip Miller played a unique role as an assistant at Tulane, primarily focusing on catchers and outfielders. His experience with developing catchers could provide useful to the 'Horns, as they lost star catcher Tres Barrera to the MLB draft. The 33-year old does not have extensive experience with pitchers. However, David Pierce may take on a majority of that role as he spent six fruitful seasons as Rice's pitching coach.

Tommy Nicholson, Garrido's second last year, could be on his way out of the program with the hiring of Allen and Miller. Nicholson had an active job as Texas' main recruiter, since Augie Garrido didn't hit the recruiting trail much in his final years in Austin.

"I've had the opportunity to coach both sides of the game — pitching and hitting — so when I look at Sean and Philip, I know they fit into the philosophy that works for us," David Pierce said about his new assistants.

With fresh faces in the dugout, Texas has turned over its coaching staff in hopes to turn around its program.