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Planned Texas walk-on K Chris Naggar already making the right friends in Austin

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It’s always good to get to know the mayor.

In preparation for a fall camp tryout to make the Texas Longhorns football team, kicker Chris Naggar was in Austin on Wednesday for orientation.

And he’s already made friends with the unofficial mayor of Austin, sophomore linebacker Malik Jefferson:

Not a bad guy to have on your side as you try to convince head coach Charlie Strong for a shot at the open place-kicker duties vacated by Nick Rose.

Consistency, accuracy, and distance help, too, as Naggar demonstrated in a video from early July that showed him making 10 consecutive field goals from 50 yards.

If Naggar, a former All-State selection at Arlington High, does manage to make the team, he’ll compete with a group that has only attempted one field goal in public at Texas, which former punter Mitchell Becker missed badly in this spring’s Orange and White game.

So there’s a definite opening there that led Strong to plead, “If you find me a kicker, send him to me.”

Well, here’s Mr. Naggar. He’s already cool with Malik.