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Connor Lammert headed to Japanese National Basketball League

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NCAA Basketball: Texas at Baylor Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After four seasons as a Texas Longhorn, Connor Lammert is reportedly headed to play professional basketball overseas for the Japanese National Basketball League’s Hiroshima Dragonflies, according to

For Lammert, a move like this was to be expected after the San Antonio native went undrafted and didn’t find himself invited to participate on any summer league teams, which is the primary opportunity for undrafted prospects to enter the NBA the following season.

Throughout his 136 games at Texas, Lammert scored 736 points, grabbed 681 rebounds and dished out 135 assists. As a senior, Lammert averaged 7.1 points and 5.3 boards, and often served the role as a glue guy.

While it’s possible Lammert’s game never reaches the level necessary to become an NBA talent, the 6’9” stretch forward has an ideal game for international competition as a skilled big man that serves as a more of a shooter than your traditional, physical interior presence.