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Mike Gundy now has a mullet and it is amazing

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All hail the Gundy Mullet!

When Oklahoma State Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy showed up at Big 12 Media Days on Monday, he did so with a new mullet he’s been in the process of growing. Needless to say, it won the day.

Here’s six things to know about it:

It is a 10/10 on the redneck scale, though still modest

His son is in full support of it (as he should be)

This will help you make full sense of its geography

However, we would argue that’s more porcupine on the top than it is business.

Gundy is experienced in the mullet arts

We can only hope that he will continue growing the current version this long.

Sources indicate this is how he spent his summer

Nothing better than a T-top Camaro to hone that permatan and complement the return of your mullet game. Based on his raspy voice in the press conference, he was chain smoking cigarettes, too. We appreciate his commitment to putting together the whole package.

He may be trying to land a role in the Roadhouse remake

Burnt Orange Nation officially endorses the inclusion of Mike Gundy as a henchmen in the new version of the classic movie. All he needs is an earring and a speech about the terrible things he did to you in prison.