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Big 12 Media Day: What Did We Learn?

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NCAA President Mark Emmert News Conference Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We learned the following in no particular order:

Jim Grobe is either tone-deaf to pubic opinion or he is in the beginning stages of dementia.

Grobe’s first media day outing was a disaster.

Several interesting quotes from the day:

“I’m an old West Virginia hillbilly and we have a saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

“We don’t have a culture of bad behavior at Baylor University.”

Baylor is dealing with problems that “are probably problems at every university in the country.”

Mike Gundy should not be allowed to make decisions about his hair style.

Gundy now has a mullet.

His hair now has its own Twitter account.

The Big 12 has finally decided they should consider adding new members.

Some of the candidates....

BYU hasn’t been shy about wanting in the Big 12.

Cincinnati has is sending flowers and chocolates and making nice with conference members.

UCF has made noise about being academically superior and Colorado State’s argument is that they are just a couple of states over.

Mark South Florida off the list.

Should we add Cougar High to the Big 12? The numbers don’t really show that we should. (In other words, HELL NO.)

The USA Today college football staff talk expansion in their weekly podcast.

The reports of our beloved conference’s death were greatly exaggerated.

Please Uncle Bill, just say no to Nebraska rejoining the conference.

Bob Bowlsby is boring.

All poor Bob can do is talk tough.

Best quote of the day:

We also adopted a serious misconduct policy and the policy details, due diligence that needs to be undertaken on each campus. It pertains to incoming freshmen as well as transfers and I think it requires that each institution make decisions about young people that have things in their past that may be questionable and it requires each institution to make sure that that due diligence goes beyond the staff of the sport that's involved, goes beyond the athletics department and all the way to the highest levels of the university. I think in doing that, we can count on universities to make the right choices.

Hello, Baylor.

Someone in the Big 12 office should be fired for making the players do dumb things during Media Days.

Players were forced to throw up emoji signs to answer questions and wear jester hats.

Targeting rule Walt Anderson....

Anderson discussed the “Mike Gundy rule.”

He also discussed targeting and the changes for this season.

Some Texas stuff.

Here’s a guide to Shaka Smart’s full court press.

For those of us that wanted to leave the Big 12, the expansion vote wasn’t a good omen.

The guys over at Barking Carnival have put out a football preview. Go get it!

Charlie doesn’t just go after recruits, he attacks parents, too.

Congrats and well wishes go out to Connor Lammert.

The quote of the week did not come from Big 12 Media Days but from House Speaker Paul Ryan:

"When one of the teams advances to a big bowl game or a national championship, don't you root for the Aggies if you are a Longhorn?"

Starting Thursday, BON will feature opponent previews each week on Tuesday and Thursday. Notre Dame is up first tomorrow.