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Burnt Orange Nation Podcast with Wescott Eberts and Cody Daniel talks Houston expansion, Texas football, more

Some stuff happened and we decided to talk about it for your enjoyment.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With talks of Big 12 expansion and adding the Houston Cougars flying around, Wescott Eberts and Cody Daniel decided to discuss the current circumstances, along with talking some thoughts on Texas Longhorns football and basketball.

Here's the list of topics discussed:

  • Why Texas is reportedly supporting the inclusion of Houston in the Big 12.
  • The top choice for realignment and why the conference is considering it.
  • The future for the Longhorns after the grant of rights expires and some potential destinations.
  • Possible contributions among the Texas freshmen for Charlie Strong.
  • The positions that should improve the most for the 'Horns.
  • The Fro Bros -- talking Jarrett Allen and James Banks
  • Expectations for the Texas basketball season
  • Talking ballhandling -- Jones or Davis or Roach or all of the above?
Enjoy, and be on the lookout for a real name coming.