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Texas freshman Devin Duvernay looks a RB playing WR

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The former Bears signee might not be so easy to tackle in space with the Longhorns.

Numerous current Texas Longhorns players were out at the Under the Lights camp on Saturday evening to help out with recruiting and one of the most physically impressive freshmen was wide receiver Devin Duvernay.

Listed by the Longhorns at 195 pounds, Duvernay is already 10 pounds heavier than former Bears wide receiver Corey Coleman, who was selected No. 15 in the 2016 NFL Draft. According to Daniel Seahorn of Horn Sports, Duvernay doesn’t even really look like a wide receiver:

Devin Duvernay was also another one who caught my eye and it caught me off guard how well built he is to be a slot receiver. He looks more like a running back than a slot receiver, so I can’t imagine he is going to be much fun to try to tackle in space in the screen game this year.

In fact, if Duvernay has a lot of similarities to Coleman as a prospect because of his size, speed, and the fact that he’s going to be playing in the same offense under Sterlin Gilbert, his build may be more similar to former Baylor wide receiver Antwan Goodley.

At 5’11 and 209 pounds following his career in Waco, Goodley was an extremely physical wide receiver and also looked like a running back, leading former head coach Art Briles to use him some in that role in in 2014 when he had eight carries for 71 yards.

In high school, Duvernay received a significant numbers of carries on jet sweeps, gaining 1,077 yards in high school and scoring 11 touchdowns in that role, proving that he was also dangerous when given the ball directly.

While the ‘Horns may not use Duvernay as the Bears used Goodley, the fact that the nation’s No. 4 wide receiver has been clocked at 4.38 in the 40-yard dash compared to 4.44 for Goodley after he got out of the noted Baylor strength and conditioning program, Duvernay has a speed advantage over Goodley that could pay off.

Given that the former Baylor wide receiver recorded over 2,000 receiving yards and 19 touchdowns after his last two seasons in Waco, it’s apparent that Duvernay is still on track to be an impact player for Texas this season as long as he can translate his physical attributes into production.