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Texas OL Patrick Hudson is a ‘freak’

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Not exactly breaking news here, but worth passing along.

Patrick Hudson
Texas athletics

Head coach Charlie Strong believes that the Texas Longhorns will look like a different team this season and one of the players who will make that a reality is freshman offensive lineman Patrick Hudson, the 6’5, 325-pounder who formerly signed with the Baylor Bears.

On Saturday evening, Hudson was one of the players in attendance at the Under the Lights camp, providing the first look at him since he arrived on campus several weeks ago:

For someone who weighs 325 pounds, Hudson certainly doesn’t look like it — that’s how NFL offensive linemen are supposed to look.

The second-place finisher in the Texas High School Powerlifting Association Championships Division 2 Super Heavyweight class in 2015 has also been impressing in the weight room, which is hardly a surprise, but heartening nonetheless.

There was some skepticism on Twitter about whether that number was really accurate, but Hudson did bench press 425 pounds at the state meet more than two years, so it seems plausible.

In other words, the Silsbee product already one of the strongest players on the team after being in Austin since July 9 and that is probably one of the reasons why Texas head coach Charlie Strong has such high expectations for him.

Considering that Williams is considered a franchise left tackle and Vahe was a freshman All-American last season, that’s quite a statement from Strong.

And so far, everything backs up that sentiment about the nation’s No. 2 offensive guard.