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3B/RHP Bennett Inoff commits to Texas Longhorns baseball

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Momentum continues on the recruiting trail for the new ‘Horns head coach.

Bennett Inoff
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Another day, another commitment for new Texas Longhorns head baseball coach David Pierce, as Houston Episcopal third baseman/right-handed pitcher Bennett Inoff announced his pledge to Pierce and the ‘Horns on Monday evening via Twitter:

According to Perfect Game USA, Inoff is a 6’2, 200-pounder who has also played some shortstop and can hit 88 mph on the radar gun, which suggests that unless he has good secondary stuff or can add some velocity, there’s a solid chance that he could end up playing somewhere in the infield for the ‘Horns.

Of course, given Pierce’s acumen as a pitching coach, it’s possible that he can turn turn Inoff into a pitcher. Given the current makeup of his two recruiting classes, it seems that the new head coach prefers to take prospects who have upside as pitchers, but can credibly become contributing infielders if pitching doesn’t work out.

Inoff is the third 2017 prospect to pledge to Pierce and his staff since taking over the program and fifth overall, joining Lakeview Centennial two-sport star Kamron Fields, who will play in the outfield for Texas, Cedar Park right-handed pitcher Cole Quintanilla, and former Tulane signee Beau O’Hara, a right-handed pitcher and shortstop.

One of the keys now for Pierce is to ensure that he found and can find players who have high upsides, but won’t opt to sign professional contracts after the 2017 MLB Draft, as numerous 2016 signees did.