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5-star DT Marvin Wilson reschedules Texas visit

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The Longhorns are set to get the nation’s No. 2 prospect on campus for an official visit.

marvin wilson houston

Despite previous reports that the nation’s No. 3 overall prospect Marvin Wilson would be on the Forty Acres today visiting the Texas Longhorns, that’s no longer the case.

According to numerous reports, Wilson is planning to reschedule his Texas visit, which will come at some point during the season, and ESPN’s Gerry Hamilton reports that Wilson’s next appearance in Austin will be for an official visit, which is huge news for the ‘Horns.

The nation’s top-ranked defensive tackle has already been on campus more than a handful of times, taking three unofficial visits and attending three team camps. There’s no surprise Wilson has significant interest in remaining close to home and playing for Texas, but a talent of his caliber also isn’t very interested in losing, as previously said he wants to see how Texas does this season.

Considering Texas will be battling the likes of Alabama, LSU, Florida State and Oklahoma, among others for the coveted recruit, that shouldn’t come as any surprise.

With a few more wins than last season and an official visit, Texas could be in the driver seat with the top prospect in the state when it’s time to make a college decision.