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Texas baseball coach David Pierce wants UFCU Disch-Falk Field upgrades to begin in 2017

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Planned upgrades to UFCU Disch-Falk Field to improve the facilities for the Texas Longhorns baseball program detailed in the University of Texas Master Plan released in late May could be underway as soon as the summer of 2017 if school officials follow through on the wishes of new head coach David Pierce.

The Master Plan shows an on-site player development facility that will feature an air-conditioned training space with four mounds, six batting cages, and storage, in addition to serving baseball operations and featuring video equipment.

Presumably it will take some more time to implement an off-site player development facility that will require the purchase of additional land and provide an indoor practice area with full baseball and softball infield and club areas for pre-game meals. The development would provide the added benefit of centralizing athletic training with sports medicine and strength and conditioning.

The other planned change that will happen prior to the start of the 2017 season is the installation of new turf on the field. While it won’t be the natural grass that so many fans call for every year, it will feature darker brown turf around the bases and on the warning track and increase the size of the Longhorns logo in the outfield, while moving it back and ensuring that it hues more closely to the burnt orange associated with Texas, not a brighter orange like that of Oklahoma State.

At some point, the school may also follow through on plans intended to improve the fan experience at Disch-Falk Field, which was last renovated in 2008, which would create temporary seating for big games, convert the grass area in left field to allow more concessions and sponsors, add branding, signage, statistics, and memorabilia to the concourse, a ribbon board on the top of the outfield wall, and a new, interactive video board.

In addition to the temporary seating, other proposed renovations include a party deck or concessions or restrooms near the left field foul pole, an area outside the stadium that has been popular for fans to congregate in past years, especially before wine and beer sales began two years ago. And, as usual, there will be an increase in premium seating in the outfield, a club environment, hospitality suite, and covered bullpen seating.