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Nike working on Texas line of Kevin Durant’s signature shoes

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The new apparel deal between Nike and the Texas Longhorns will result in two shoes in multiple Longhorns colorways, perhaps in time for the 2016-17 basketball season. On Friday, the Texas basketball equipment account teased art work for the Texas-specific KD 9 and KD Trey 5 shoes:

Unlike past editions of the Kevin Durant line featuring Texas colorways, these new shoes will actually feature the iconic Longhorns logo. And also help the school’s bottom line:

Now Durant and Texas will benefit from the university's new deal with the apparel giant and industry leader, as Nike will produce a co-branded signature line of apparel from which the Horns will receive royalties. The deal was possible in large part because Durant's Nike line "has reached record levels in recent years compared to other pro athletes in Nike's portfolio," according to a term sheet released by the school.

Released in June, the KD 9 retails for $150.

At the 2016 FIBA Americas Championship this month, it was the shoe of choice for the US men’s U18 national team in Chile, and it looks like Jarrett Allen and James Banks will have the option of wearing multiple Longhorns-themed colorways in the near future.

And Texas fans may be able to, as well.