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Texas sends cease and desist to Kossuth High Aggies for using Longhorns logo

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This was always an awful idea anyway.

The University of Texas has asked Kossuth High School to change its steer logo, according to the Daily Corinthian. The Mississippi High School, which boldly bears an Aggie nickname and maroon school colors, has been given 15 days to contact Texas to discuss the use of the Longhorn logo.

aggies longhorns ugh

"This is a big deal," Kossuth Principal Travis Smith told the Corinthian. "But, it’s not anything Kossuth faculty, students, parents or fans should be upset about toward the university. The Texas Longhorns are protecting their logo and I understand why. It’s just something we are going to have overcome. It will be a hard change, but one we will work out."

Burnt Orange Nation drew attention to Kossuth on May 20th, when baseball writer Abram Orlansky shared a photograph of the school’s maroon Longhorn logo. BON later described the image as an "incredibly disturbing cocktail that will likely shock the senses of A&M and Texas fans alike". The Corinthian cited Burnt Orange Nation for drawing attention to the steer logo.

Hopefully the high school will be able to seamlessly (and cheaply) transition its logo so that it doesn’t resemble Texas’ likeness. Alcorn School District Attorney Arch Bullard has said that the school will choose another steer silhouette to replace it’s current incarnation.

Best of luck to the Kossuth Aggies — but some things just have to be done in the name of good taste (and protecting your trademark).