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Daily Round Up: 60 Days

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Ron Jenkins/Getty Images
Disclaimer: Before you proceed, just remember that none of the links are vetted and you may be reading something written by a 13-year-old, a so-called sports journalist or Clay Travis (is there really any difference between those options?). Some stories are from those unreliable, pesky pay sites, too. Read at your own peril.

Phil Steele ranks Texas at #24: Steele's annual football preseason magazine is out and here's an excerpt of his Longhorn preview.

Catching up with Colt McCoy: Lifetime Longhorn Chris Hall catches up for Colt McCoy at his annual summer camp in Austin.

Predictions and observations for the 2016 football season: Texas may have true freshmen starting at QB and center and this is the first time Sterling Sterlin Gilbert has had complete control of a team offense like he has now. Anyone nervous yet?

Shaka Smart does not like the term 'rebuilding' when referring to his program: Smart believes that every team is always building towards something.

Read Option(al) or some other stuff.

Everyone needs a summer football fix: Netflix’s first sports documentary series, Last Chance U, is on East Mississippi Community College's football program.

The Sooners lost another receiver: Dallis Todd has opted to leave Norman.

QB recruits usually lock down their school commitments early in the recruiting process: Since schools usually take only one QB, recruits tend to commit early to get their first choice.

A group of former Penn State lettermen want Joe Pa's statue back: They not only want the statue back outside the stadium, but they want a formal apology to Paterno's widow.