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DT Marcel Southall, 3 former Baylor signees move in at Texas

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Let’s ride.

marcel southall graphic
Marcell Southall
Texas athletics

The second summer session for Texas Longhorns football players begins on Monday and three of the four former Baylor Bears signees and defensive tackle Marcel Southall moved in on Saturday.

Recently added to the official Longhorns roster, there were questions throughout the late spring and early summer about whether Southall would qualify out of Duncanville, but this is now the final evidence that he will be eligible this fall during his freshman season.

The other 2016 signee to watch now is defensive end/linebacker Erick Fowler, who may have to wait until fall camp to hear back from the NCAA Clearinghouse if he doesn’t start summer school this week.

The other arrivals are wide receiver Devin Duvernay, defensive back Donovan Duvernay, and offensive tackle JP Urquidez. The ‘Horns are apparently still waiting on star offensive lineman Patrick Hudson to make his way to Austin.